Winstar Deco Panel System

Winstar Deco Panel System
Winstar Deco Panel System 2018-01-14T19:08:41+08:00

Winstar  Deco Panel System

E0 Grade :no harm for Heath.  The mainly material of WPC is Bamboo and Wood powder mixed with PVC and Calcium Carbonate , no toxic material.
Use WPC wall panel can get ride of paiting , zero glue ,once installation finished , you can move into new house at once.

Quick Installation and Easy Remove

The Installation of WPC panel system more than 3 times than common decoration. For 100 m2 house need 3-6 days only , common decoration need more than 1 months. Buy a new house today, you can move into next week. Especially for commercial place decoration , rent a shop , nobody can bear endless decoration and loss opportunity. More over, WPC panel decoration can pull off in 1 day , , no damage of the wall

Economic & Durablity Than Common Painting

WPC panel system cost only 30% time than common decoration, but material only a bit expensive than common decoration , saving labor is best way to saving money for decoration, instead of use cheap material get a low grade house. Common painting solution easy become dirty and aging 3-6 years need painting again, but WPC Panel system we give guarantee of 15 years, more than 2 times durable.